The head of a shark with eye and mouth. The color is a dark red from the red LED illumination.

Demersal Video

Markus Horning


November 18, 2023

Here is a collection of who-is-who in demersal fauna in Resurrection Bay, Alaska:




The clips are cut from multiple different 24-hour recording sessions with the DSCT at depths between 190 and 308 meters.


In the video, we can see multiple creatures. Most of the time, the water is not very clear and full of particles, and at times there are also many amphipods (colloquially sometimes called sand fleas) swarming around. Other crustaceans we can see include spot shrimp (spot prawns) and crabs. The video is very red, due to the deep-red LED illumination. In some clips, the salmon head bait can be seen dangling into the top of the frame. First, we see a halibut swimming into the frame, looping around and taking a nibble at the bait. Next, a Pacific cod swims right by the camera and disappears, and then another one does the same. The next clip shows the camera lander tipping over onto its right side. Right after tipping over, a large octopus tentacle appears in the frame, and the octopus then crawls over the viewport of the camera. We can see the twin rows of suckers on the arms, and for a brief moment one of the eyes. Briefly, a skate swims across the frame. Following that, we have several instances where a large sleeper shark swims into the frame. It jostles the lander a bit, and then takes a chunk off the bait. When it takes some of the bait, it dislodges a huge swarm of amphipods, and swallows some of them, but they get washed out through the gills of the shark. Finally, we see a clip of the lander being pulled back to the surface.


Overall, these initial test deployments of the DSCT were a huge success, and we plan on expanding this activity next year.